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Posted 25 Jun 2010 in Observations

As has become something of a habit recently, I ended up in the pub with chums from work the other night and, using the football as a cloak to obscure a darker urge to have a few drinks and leave my desk early, managed to end up staying ‘til last orders, dimly conscious that the urge to enjoy oneself and talk rubbish runs slightly counter to the need to remain some semblance of professional distance with one’s co-workers. Well, never mind that – it’s better and easier to forget about such things occasionally. The summer sun – allied with the World Cup – has provoked a great deal of socialising, in and around work, which makes everything more enjoyable.

What it also does, alas, is puts paid to my good work in May in trying to save money, or rather not overspend so injudiciously. June has been expensive; the Vestry ran out of almost all of its watery continental lager after the football; I like to think my contribution was noted. I really do have no idea when to stop however – I would gladly have extended the drinking session into the small hours, which is why I’m thankful that not everyone I drink with is quite as impulsive as me. In the meantime, my stomach churns with a diet of supermarket sandwiches, cold cola and aspirin.

Last night I stayed in and ate heartily.

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