Stricken City’s Animal Festival

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Posted 02 Jul 2010 in Music

Whenever it gets to summer, I move away from listening to guitars and towards synthesizers and more rhythmic tracks. Consequently, I’ve been listening to lots of hip hop and electro this week. By chance, however, I just located this, the newish single by Stricken City, which I’d completely missed previously. It’s certainly guitar music, but only in a loose sense; it has a tribal, spiralling quality which means it fits quite neatly in alongst the more beat-driven fare I’ve had on rotation.

You can download the complete EP here for free; my favourite track is ‘Bella Writer (demo)’, which is just gorgeous. ‘Animal Festival part 2′ is pretty great too.


  1. Kate

    Can’t help thinking it’d be a million times better if they cut all the guitar out, but it’s pretty good, thanks for that.

    Hip-hop and electro? Further details please.

  2. I think I like the less noisy bits too, but the nostalgic part of me digs those JAMC drums halfway through.

    Oh, I’ll do one of those ‘Currently Listening’ posts later – a lot of Roy Ayers, the new Big Boi record, some bashment stuff I can’t quite get with, Ghostface as always, that Wu Tang Beatles mashup. I’ll do a post.


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