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Posted 06 Dec 2010 in Technology

This is really stunning; Graeme Taylor created this super little video using nothing more than a £230 camera, but it’s the technique which makes it so outstanding. Using a Casio Exilim FH20, Graeme filmed this, one cold morning, from a train arriving at Bath Spa Station, at a setting of 210 frames per second (which, non-tech-y readers, is a lot).

It is, in fact a bit of a reversal of the established technique with high-speed cameras – standing still while recording something moving fast. Instead, Graham filmed near-stationary subjects (the people standing on the platform) from a fast-moving train. He then slowed down the playback to 30fps, meaning that every 7 seconds of footage corresponds to one real second. As he acknowledges on his blog, the effect breaks up as the train slows – but the results are still fantastic; and all the more extraordinary given the cheap equipment he’s working with. Great stuff.

You can read Graeme talk at length about the video – which has now gone viral and garnered nearly three quarter of a million hits – here, on his blog.


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