A song a week for 2011: Song #1 (Inertia)

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Posted 07 Jan 2011 in Assistant, Technology, Video, Weekly Song

I’m going to write, record and release a song, via Assistant Blog, every single week of 2011. Most will probably be faintly tuneful, slow indie rock, in the manner to which you are probably now accustomed, although I reserve the right to scamper down some blind alleys and post anything that takes my fancy, from found-sound compositions to abstract electronica. Most will be recorded through my mac, using a Zoom recorder, or my old 4 track, and some may be sung into the tinny microphone on my phone or composed on my iPad.

In other words, I’m making no promises for audio quality or aiming for perfection. Barring disaster, however, every song will be produced with a lot of care. Where possible, I’ll pull together a YouTube video for each one, as I think that makes them easier to consume. If anyone would like proper mp3s of them, they should drop me a line. All songs will be on soundcloud, too. I’m going to post them every Friday, all being well.

Here’s the first.

It was, rather uniquely for me, composed, recorded and uploaded to the web soley using my iPad – I used four programs; Multitrack DAW, BassLine, DrumTrack8 and ThumbJam. This doesn’t exactly place me at the bleeding end of recording technology, but iPad music is at the earlier stages of its development, so I’m quite proud to have produced a song this way. This is, for the record, my first ever effort at composing with an iPad, which is why it’s a bit ragged. Given more time, I’d probably go back to it – but the point of this exercise is to be productive, so I’m not going to linger. Nevertheless, I think it’s quite a nice song.

When I was recording it I was thinking of small towns, autumnal feeling: twittens and cat’s creeps, overgrown canal-banks, waste paper wafting around. I meant for the song to be slow and wistful – possibly it ended up too slow. But there it is.

Here’s my first Weekly Song for 2011.

Inertia (Weekly Song #1) by jonathanshipley


  1. Katy

    Great! How are you recording inputs? I take it all those strings and the drurums, etc, are from apps, but how are you capturing guitar and vocals? And is that a uke in there too?

    • Yep, most of it is soft-synth stuff through iPad apps, but the inputs were just recorded straight into my cheapo headphone mic; yep, you spotted the ukulele! Bonus points.

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds like someone’s been listening to the new Gorillaz LP!

    Have you got an Apple Camera Connection Kit? If you get one you can plug a USB microphone straight into the iPad apparently.


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