A song a week for 2011: Song #2 (Overseas)

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Posted 14 Jan 2011 in 52songs, Assistant

It feels, already, like I’ve been doing this for longer than two weeks, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. To recap, I’m recording a song every week this year and publishing them here. Here is the second of what will end up being fifty two songs – it’s called ‘Overseas’.

I wrote and recorded in about six hours over the last couple of days. It’s about being a long way from home and trying to make it come right. Sometimes I imagine I’ll get a work transfer to New York. It’s a nice thought. But this song’s about it all going wrong – so perhaps it’s for the best it’ll likely never happen.

Overseas by jonathanshipley

As I indicated previously, my bird song has been stuck in the machine, as I recorded it back in Cambridge with a version of Garageband more recent than my own, so couldn’t finish it when I got back to Brighton. That song will be up next week, along with a crowdsourced bird-video.

If you like the technicals – this one was written and recorded on an iPad and Mac G5 using Garageband, ThumbJam, BassLine and Multitrack DAW. It was written and recorded on the 13/14th January 2011.

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