Happy Birthday Anne-So

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Posted 10 Mar 2011 in Daft

There’s a nice, light-hearted little article on the Guardian site today which might as well be subtitled ‘some people can’t take a joke’. It seems that Cédric Enjolras, the president of FC Borne, a second division team in the Haute-Loire league in France, made a silly offer for the services of Lionel Messi, who plys his trade in Spain for FC Barcelona, and is currently the world’s best player. Submitted in jest, he could hardly have guessed that the offer would be intercepted by the French Football Federation, who not only declined to pass the offer on to Barca, they decided to suspend Enjolras for six-months, noting humourlessly that “One cannot accept such behaviour. It is perhaps a joke but we are here to judge the facts”. Arseholes.

The Guardian article ends on a nice note – the last line is a peach:

Enjolras, bemused by the FFF’s lack of proportion, explained what had happened: “To submit bids among small clubs, you need to fill out forms on the internet. I decided to register a bid so I typed the name Lionel Messi, his date of birth and his parent club into the system. Then the league transmitted the request to the federation. They were shocked by it and refused to send it to their Spanish counterparts. I have been suspended for six months, of which three are suspended. It was just a joke, to amuse friends.

“I’m going to have spend three months in the bar.”

Every cloud has a silver lining.

On other French matters, my friend Anne-So – who knows a great deal about spending excessive amounts of time in bars – is celebrating her birthday today in distant Alsace. Happy birthday Anne-So! Here you are submitting to your English side…


  1. Ms Marsh

    woo-oo ! It’s nice to see the duck nesting on the tent, in the distance ! What a


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