A song a week #45 (Hudson River)

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Posted 11 Nov 2011 in 52songs, Assistant, Music, Weekly Song

As with so many of my songs this year, I’d struggle to tell you what this one is about, but I can give you an exact geographical reference for where I was, mentally, when I wrote it. Literally, I was in my flat in Brighton, but everything about the song somehow is located for me by the Stuyvesent High School in Manhatten, just across from Jersey City over the Hudson River. That sounds horribly pretentious, but I have a clear memory of standing there trying to hail a cab a year or so ago, and somehow, early in the writing of the song, that memory came back to me and infected the song. Conversely the video, very literally, is set in my flat – you can tell, perhaps, that these flowers are a touch past their best.

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