Allo Darlin’, live at the Haunt

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Posted 06 Mar 2012 in Music, Reviews

Went to see the excellent Allo Darlin’ play at the Haunt this weekend; they’re on the face of it a very simple pleasure – melodic, good-hearted indie pop which draws on the micro-dramas of The Wave Pictures or their mentor, Darren Hayman, and manages to deftly improve dramatically on whatever it is you think a pop group might be able to do do working within the limitations of a ukulele-led sound.

But there’s something a little bit special about them too, which is a combination of the lovely lead guitar playing, their ardent enthusiasm, and the fact that Elizabeth, being an Aussie, seems to have an innate sympathy with the widescreen song-writing genius of The Go Betweens. It’s that last point which provides the route into why I loved the gig so much – they seem to imbue a lot of the greatest qualities of that most wonderful of bands – melodicism, good-heartedness, observation for detail, and a certain Australian thingyness which I’m at a loss to identify but which is evident in the work of Grant McLennan and Robert Forster, in the pop of the Triffids, in Evan Dando’s Oz-penned Lemonheads work.

I’d like to go and write an album in Australia.

Here’s the band playing a gig in San Francisco last year. Check ‘em out if they play near you soon.

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