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By Chichester coach station

Posted 04 Feb 2011 — by Jonathan
Category General, Photos

It’s a grey, drizzly day in Chichester. If I understood white balance better I could do something with that sky.

lunchtime walk

Posted 19 Apr 2007 — by Jonathan
Category Photos

At lunchtime today I walked down Chichester canal to Hunston, a small village just outside Chichester – it was an uncommonly beautiful day – warm and still and bright. I couldn’t resist taking a few photos with my mobile, although I always feel stupid doing this; standing by a length of calm water, cows basking in the sun, and I feel that I need a still image to record this, as though the memory, or the feeling, is not enough.

chichester on a friday lunchtime

Posted 23 Jun 2006 — by Jonathan
Category Photos

Here a few more photos from my new camera. The sun being out is so much of an incitement to take photos; suddenly everything and everyone looks lovely.

lunchtime shopping

Posted 05 Jul 2005 — by Jonathan
Category Observations

The slow decline of shops that I go to in Chichester has been an observable phenonemon. I work just outside the centre of town, so it’s only five minutes walk up past the station and up towards The Cross, the central point of the centre (the Cathedral aside), where the four shopping streets of the city collide.

But ‘Jonathan’s Law’ rules that only three shops of interest must be open at any one time. When I started my job, there was an MVC (which is a very mainstream, if inexpensive record shop), a little Our Price, a Dixons and a Waterstones. But that was four shops so one had to close. Our Price did have a brief swansong as the absurdly named ‘V Shop’, but it’s future was mapped out. It shut, leaving only the distinctly lacking-in-variety MVC for music-mooching.

Before long, Oxfam moved from it’s previous, out of the way position up on North Street to the appreciably nearer South Street, gaining space in the process and stocking a pretty impressive set of books. Shit, back to four.

So Dixons closed. A world of batteries, cables, CD-Rs and flat-screen monitors flicked bewilderingly into darkness. Granted, by this time, I’d pretty much got bored of shopping in the same old shops every day, and had rarely ventured further than the train station at lunchtime, so I didn’t notice this, nor the closing of McDonalds, the nearest off-license, or Tesco.

I did notice, however, that two out of Chichester’s three musical instrument shops closed, leaving me open and exposed to aggressive guitar-string pricing manouvres by the sole – and triumphant – surviver (although this hasn’t happened. And frankly, I’m not a conscientious enough musician to change my strings more than, ooh, twice a year, so I could probably live with it anyway).


One shop I’d never ventured into, The Army and Navy Store, did unveil a recent surprise when – mortified at my old-fashioned swimming trunks, faced with a company trip away and unable to find any which did not highlight my humourously skinny legs – a desperate attempt to buy some shorts there uncovered a delightful, if small, branch of Paperchase cocooned within. I bought some blank badges there. (Although even a permanent pen on a blank badge will fade if people keep trying to rub the ink off, I discovered.)

So the one nearby newsagent in town had to close, obviously, meaning if I want to buy a newspaper in Chichester I now have to walk half a mile to do so. Ridiculous.

Anyway, yesterday I walked into town and went to the brand new, surprisingly large, and very welcome indeed, HMV. Excellent stuff. Although it does seem that HMV is now primarily a DVD store rather than a record shop! Nonetheless, there’s a vinyl section and everything, so I’m happy and once more willing to trudge through the disgusting July rain (what’s that all about?) to gaze at the new The Juan Maclean 12″, or flick through the Fall CD section trying to remember which albums I’ve got and which I haven’t.

The only downside, as far as I can see, is that one of Waterstones, Oxfam, or the last remaining place in Chichester where I can buy guitar strings, will have to close, presumably. Damn it.

cover to cover

Posted 16 Mar 2005 — by Jonathan
Category Books, Observations

Just the merest shiver of spring and we’re back into winter here in Chichester; the view out of my window is relentlessly monochrome all of a sudden, which is a depressing sight – I had an almost spring-in-my-step this morning (a concept which will doubtless amuse Vic, who is rightly tired of my month-long bad mood at the moment) as the sun pulsed on the back of my neck waiting for my connection at Barnham. I’ve started getting an even earlier train in the morning, even though it gets me in at the same time, such is my colleague-phobia and desire to be able to read the paper cover to cover, read a chapter of my book and get in a fifteen minute nap.

At the moment I’m reading a book for my work book-group – Jonathan Carroll’s The Land of Laughs – which is irritating me. It’s a quick read, a half-time orange, but I want to get back to Cloud Atlas.

The Land of Laughs is from the Stephen King school of writing. Naive, good-hearted characters roll into idealistic US towns to warm applause from mystifyingly friendly strangers. They walk into shops and interrupt frantic conversations consisting of phrases like “For god’s sake, Anna, that’s the seventh boy gone missing this month! And have you seen the horses?”. They suspect nothing. Before long, strange things start happening. Who’d have thought it?

On reflection, I decide to stretch my sleep outwards to twenty five, or read the education supplement.

Please stop raining.

lunch in chichester

Posted 19 Nov 2004 — by Jonathan
Category Observations

Cold and crisp here in Chichester today, and sunny for the first half hour of my lunch. I went for a walk down by the canal and was surprised to find that the grass around it was freshly cut; the smell of cold cut crass is out-of-place in November, and refreshing. And of course when you cut grass wet it turns into a kind of paint, so the path was criss-crossed with mossy green lines.

When I was walking back I glanced down and saw a worm on the pavement in front of me, and had a peculiar moment of disgust, as if it was something horrible. Perhaps because it was still and therefore perhaps dead. But I looked again and it was a snapped grey elastic band, a thick one, and not a worm at all. So, odd that I thought it was, and odd that I was disgusted. I’m not worm mad, but I don’t mind the little blighters.

I had a bitty lunch hour. At one point I suddenly remembered a very vivid dream which must be ten years old, where I was forced to drive around North London doing various errands, the novelty being that I can not drive. It wasn’t a particularly exceptional dream, but I remember it very vividly indeed, almost as if it was a real memory.

And lastly, and rather less poetically, I note that the road sign just past work, which normally reads ‘CANAL PLACE’ has been vandalised. Someone has tipp-exed out the first letter. Not much to do in Chichester, but you’ve got to hand it to the kids; they find ways to amuse themselves.