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The living ukulele

Posted 23 Jan 2012 — by Jonathan
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Made with the Brushes app on my iPad. In case you thought it was Hockney’s.

Paris iPad drawing

Posted 05 Aug 2010 — by Jonathan
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Me and Ali went over to Paris to see Sam and Laura the other week; we had a truly lovely time and very much enjoyed the chance to charge enthusiastically around beside the Seine, in the Marais, and round Montmartre. The following drawing/collage was composed on my iPad on my return, comprising as it does a mixture of photos from the trip, tracings, freehand drawings and slops of virtual paint. Thanks so much, Sam and Laura, for hosting us!


For those interested in the details; the black and white background is a photo I took of frayed posters on a wall in Belleville; the colourful green overlay with a drawing of a dove is the wallpaper of a bar called La Barourq by the Quai de la Loire where we played boules. Laura is riding a velib just round the corner from the same place, and Sam is stood, drenched, by the Seine, where we’d just run through a sequence of fountains. The sign is from the Bellevilloise, a little theatre space where we saw a Burlesque show on Sunday afternoon. The boy, stood centre, was scribbling happily on a large blackboard down by the Seine on Saturday. There was a ukulele workshop in the same place. And the scribble to the left is an abstract sort of thing drawn over the orginal background, as is the protester above the map. The face right of centre is based on a stencil spotted on a wall in Montmartre. Anyone know who it is? Too handsome to be Camus.

i hate you sarah palin

Posted 13 Oct 2008 — by Jonathan
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Posted 19 Aug 2008 — by Jonathan
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new shoes

Posted 02 Aug 2008 — by Jonathan
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My new shoes are inching past the hurting-my-feet stage, thankfully, so I am beginning to have affectionate feelings towards them. I just sat in front of the television drawing one of them, so absorbed that I didn’t even get round to getting up and turning Casualty off, which is absorbed indeed.And here they really are, on the end of my legs.


Posted 25 Jul 2008 — by Jonathan
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Lots of work-related phone calls today, which provides a chance for a bit of doodling. Here are some pigeons. I was taking notes too, honest.

[excuse the rubbish scan, from the work photocopier]

rhonda’s sketches

Posted 01 Jul 2008 — by Jonathan
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As an antidote to party photos, which may well accurately evoke something of the event (usually the hedonism or, cruelly, the boredom) but inevitably miss much else, here are a few drawings courtesy of Rhonda, who sat with an amused smile for several hours in an armchair at Dan and Laura’s joint birthday party, capturing an element of the party which I remember strongly, and which is more in evidence here than in any of the evening’s photos; the dressing up and the talking, the interplay between the guests.

Cameras at parties so often tend to draw the focus, arrogate attention until they break up the contents of the viewfinder. Practically every set of party photos I’ve ever seen – except for those taken by the very talented – seem to summon up the same party and the same guests.

These I like much more.

jamming is for idiots

Posted 14 Mar 2008 — by Jonathan
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Me and James ‘jamming’ at my place late on a Friday night. I don’t think Siobhan was much impressed.

brain picking

Posted 13 Nov 2007 — by Jonathan
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This drawing comes courtesy of Siobhán – she drew it last night. I like it very much.

wriggling child

Posted 12 Nov 2007 — by Jonathan
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As Siobhán indicates over on her art blog, we spent some time this weekend in an art shop in Cambridge, and I was surprised to note that canvases are not quite as expensive as you might think. We picked up a few very small ones which were only a couple of quid each. Later that day I picked up a pen and started idly sketching on one, quite forgetting that I’m not used to drawing with a view to adding paint, and soon realising that what I’d drawn was not really well suited to the medium. In the end I just added a layer of paint in the background, but enjoyed mucking around with real canvas regardless. Next time I’ll try something more ambitious.

After I’d drawn it my mother took a look and said “oh, you can draw, can’t you, I never thought you could”. She says this every time she sees me do a drawing! I don’t blame as her I used to kick up a terrible fuss about doing my art homework, and always leant more towards books. But I have always liked drawing, making collages, tape covers. Talking with Vic in the pub last night she repeated her observation that she thinks I could – and perhaps should – have done more art, maybe even studied it. Dunno about that, but anyway – interesting.


Posted 01 Nov 2007 — by Jonathan
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As keen readers in recent months will have noticed, I’ve been slowly trying to incorporate some more drawings into my output here at Assistant Blog, and have been wanting for a while to start using my computer to help me present some of these sketches. Over the last few days I’ve done a few scrappy line drawings which I was keen to colour on screen rather than using pencils, so this evening I downloaded a free programme, LiveQuartz, and had a play with adding some bits of colour to a scan of the original. Here are the results, which aren’t band for a first attempt, I don’t think.

trevor the tortoise

Posted 19 Oct 2007 — by Jonathan
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not spoken to ant for a bit

Posted 13 Oct 2007 — by Jonathan
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watching football in croatia

Posted 01 Oct 2007 — by Jonathan
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Posted 01 Oct 2007 — by Jonathan
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This is my slightly wonky impression of the view out of my parents’ window in Buckden, Cambridgeshire.

hanging basket with stones

Posted 23 Sep 2007 — by Jonathan
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Posted 20 Sep 2007 — by Jonathan
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cavtat by hand

Posted 19 Sep 2007 — by Jonathan
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indie kids

Posted 05 Sep 2007 — by Jonathan
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Oh, I really couldn’t resist posting this. Anne-Sophie drew it on my facebook page last night! Thank you Anne-So, I love it!

field music in context

Posted 24 Aug 2007 — by Jonathan
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If I wanted to start boosting my post frequency there would be few easier ways of doing it than starting to post clips from youtube of my favourite bands – easy. I’ve mostly resisted that temptation, largely because I suspect that I’d be much more interested in watching old Dinosaur Jr clips than you would, but occasionally one slips through which is so markedly interesting that I decide to push it forward. This, then, is the video to Field Music’s brilliant ‘In Context’. Because I like it a lot; some cracking continuous line drawing.