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American electric-eyed cat

Posted 18 May 2010 — by Jonathan
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Photo taken at the rather wonderful Brighton Toy and Model Museum.

The joy of toys

Posted 16 May 2010 — by Jonathan
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I might compile a list of the places in Brighton that I feel ashamed of having never visited, and just get them all done. It’s utterly ludicrous that I could have lived here all those years and never, until Friday, visited the Brighton Toy and Model Museum, which is an absolute treasure trove of joy and pseudo-nostalgia. Not only was the Muesum, as part of the Festival season, open late specially, but the marvellous 0 and 00 guage train set was up and running.

Me, Sam and Dan circled it hungrily, wanting to reach out and touch, while Laura looked tolerantly on and scribbled in her notebook. I like the furniture best, I decided, the level crossings, roadsigns and brick red pillar boxes. Through one window I admire a model landscape more reverently than I do the rolling downs on my daily commute.

I hear Sam talking loudly. He and Dan have stopped by a cabinet containing a model helicoper. “Why does it have twin rotor blades?”, Dan is wondering. And Sam is off. “Well actually”, he says, “the vast majority of Soviet helicopters had twin rotors. The second was introduced to counteract the effects of torque on the single blade…”. I can’t bear it. I don’t care if Sam is right or not. I denounce him as a bullshitter, loudly. Behind him a couple of children, who were listening attentively, look disappointed. Sam is now a pariah in their eyes.

They eye him angrily.

Our enthusiasm for the toys is not infectious. After a while – when we’re on our third lap of the exhibits – Laura announces that she’s going to head off and leave us to it. She does. The men are left to their toys. We grin at each other.

“Pub?”, we muse.

“Pub”, we agree.

jenga dog

Posted 14 Nov 2009 — by Jonathan
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Possibly I have too much time on my hands.

lego arctic

Posted 12 Jun 2009 — by Jonathan
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fun with lego

Posted 06 Jan 2009 — by Jonathan
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What a joy it was playing with Lego again this Christmas. It’s been many, many years since I last played with the toy, and I took great pleasure in putting together, in a variety of permutations, a little spaceship at Sam and Laura’s flat over New Year.

It was fun enough for me, Dan and Chequers to spend about twenty minutes ogling the varied sets available in Gallerie Lafayette the next day, everything from lovely little Volkwagon Beetles, Spaceships, Fire stations and, of course, the Eiffel Towel itself. The range takes in Star Wars, Indiana Jones and doubtless countless other alternatives. We drooled at them unashamedly, blocking the view of eager Parisian infants stuck behind us. In a moment of excitement, Chequers swore that he would buy one of the expensive 3 in 1 models once he returned to Brighton. I hope he does.

And invites me round.

collecting junk in the sun

Posted 14 Sep 2008 — by Jonathan
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I can scarcely describe how lovely it was this weekend to walk around Brighton in the sun; after weeks of rain and a depressing absence of summer, at last we have blue skies and a warm breeze. Hurrah. Of course, everything looks wonderful in the sun, so a walk through the lanes and the farmers’ market proved ludicrously expensive, as books, beers, food and fanciful objects were swiftly and ill-advisedly acquired. By the time I’d reached the market on Upper Gardner Street, thankfully, I was spent up – so the following toys escaped my sun-stroke afflicted impulse purchasing. Definitely a good thing.