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New Year’s Day

Posted 01 Jan 2013 — by Jonathan
Category Observations, Photos

When we finally made it out of Brighton on the first day of 2013, it was much colder than we expected and the light, which had been thrillingly rich all day, was already beginning to dip. So we only walked around Devil’s Dyke for half an hour or so, mindful not to slip in the mud and binding our coats tight around us, as if we might conjure an extra layer by wrapping them round twice. Of course I had a hangover and new (year) promises to keep, so the cold wind did its unwelcome job of battering last night’s boozy breath out of my lungs until I felt like this was the start of something new, not just a painful bit left over from yesterday. I felt less than re-born, but glad to be alive and idling into another year.

No news yet on the resolutions, but I did take a few photographs.

Heel disintegration

Posted 08 Apr 2010 — by Jonathan
Category Travel

The heels of my shoes arch slightly, the shape curved, a thin band of wood and rubber worn down by my ever-so-slightly off-centre way of walking. On my left shoe, the left hand side of the heel is eroded. On my right, the right. This must mean, I have concluded, that I walk with my feet pointing outward. I am like the cheerful cockney on an old music hall stage.

Much of my heel, part of my shoe, has been sliced and scraped into the paving stones of Manhattan. I walked for hours, yesterday – long thick, springly roads, yielding in the baking sun; back and forth past cafes and bars; down thin passages and across squares teaming with students from NYU, neighbourhood drunks, afternoon chess. As I mentioned before, you wouldn’t believe how hot it is here. It got as high as 92°F yesterday. As I stumbled through East Village, neck craned to catch sight of the heavy blossom, bending the brances, and the iron and steel of the staircases, snaking up the houses, I wondered to myself, “how can a city full of such tall buildings cast so little shade”.

So I back up, veer left, catch sight of some new diversion, and forget the heat, striding off excited, toes pointing outward.